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Pricing & Delivery

Pricing  & Product Tiers

BBF products are specifically designed so that they can be installed virtually anywhere. BBF provides research driven- high quality, ergonomically-correct furniture for work at home professionals with tiered product selections to fit any budget.

500 750 1000


BBF provides next-day shipping and complete assembly.  We specialize in fast-turnaround, single-workstation installation.  That means we won’t disrupt your schedule and can easily accommodate your needs.

Wherever you send your teleworkers… we go there.

With our Install 360™ hastle-free delivery and installation program:

  • Product ships on the next business day following order receipt
  • Delivery within 10 business days in the contiguous United States (remote locations may take longer)
  • Furniture is assembled and installed in the inside room of choice to residential and business locations
  • Service includes:
      • Adjustment of desks, drawers and doors
      • Leveling
      • Dusting
      • Removal of all packaging materials

-  All in a single visit