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Home Office Checklist

Home Office Check List

A checklist such as this can be used to assess the overall safety of the designated work area.  This can be used in conjunction with the telework agreement which can then be signed off by both employer and employee to ensure complete consideration of the program policy.  The below suggestions allow both parties to discuss and agree to acceptable conditions from a work environment perspective.


  • Do you have a designated permanent space within the home dedicated to your work & office equipment
  • Does the furniture to be used offer durability-able to comfortably withstand 40 hours per week without disruption or maintenance issue
  • In the event of wear & tear, does the furniture accompany a warranty program
  • Are file cabinets, storage and bookcases available as needed so that files and data can be secured and protected from damage or misuse
  • Do chairs have any loose casters, are they sturdy, stable and designed to not tip backwards
  • Is there sufficient lighting for reading
  • Are the phone lines, electrical cords and extension wires secured under a desk or alongside a baseboard, not likely to become entangled in your feet
  • Is there wire management capability features to keep the desktop clear from clutter



  • Is the work area private and free of intrusion
  • Is the office space neat and clean
  • Are temperature, noise,  and ventilation levels within the space adequate for maintaining your normal level of job performance
  • Are aisles, doorways and corners free of obstructions to permit visibility and safe movement
  • Is the electrical system adequate for office equipment
  • Are surge protectors properly installed
  • Are floor surfaces clean, dry, level and free of worn or frayed seams
Click here to download the Home Office Checklist: