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Telework Toolkits

Tools for Telework 

If you have found yourself on this page, you are probably involved in a telework program already or are at least investigating the nuts and bolts of planning for a successful implementation.  As you may already know, the odds of ensuring a smooth transition to telwork increase dramatically if information is communicated and helpful tools and policies are consistently used across the organization. We’ve developed a few documents to put in your telework toolkit if you so choose, or simply feel free to use as a point of reference as you develop your own unique program.

Just click on the tool of interest to pull up a printable pdf – there is even a space for branding if you’d like your logo listed!

  •  Screening Surveys can be used to help qualify those best suited for telework.  Surveys such as these enable consistency across the organization during the selection process.  The survey should first be taken by the employee so he or she can perform a self assessment.  As we all know, telework isn’t for everyone.  It may be best to understand the candidate and let them evaluate their job functions and work styles first before progressing to the management assessment.
  •  A Home Office Checklist can help ensure the teleworker is properly equipped to handle everyday office needs.  This list includes everything from furniture & IT equipment to scissors and toner.
  •  An Ergonomics Checklist can be used to both inform the teleworker about ergonomics and also validation for the employer that the employee is working in a safe and ergonomically correct environment.
  •  Our Tips for Supervisors& Tips for Teleworkers are a nice summary of points to keep in mind not just at the start of a program but can serve as a helpful reference whenever needed.  Print these out and pin to your tack board for a quick pick me up & reminder of how to be successful at telework.