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Evaluations: Surveys & Summaries

Evaluations: Surveys & Summaries

A lot of attention and focus goes into getting a program implemented, but the effort shouldn’t stop there.  It is equally important to perform the necessary follow up after it has launched to ensure your program is on the right track and continuously improving.  No two programs are exactly alike; therefore it will take time to work the kinks out.  Just as with any major endeavor, looking at the “what worked” and “what didn’t” is crucial to the future success of your program.

There are many methods for evaluation; we highly recommend instituting periodic surveys for employees and a separate survey for managers.  These should be administered on a quarterly basis or as often as your company deems necessary.  The results of such surveys will instill best practices and offer guidance on deficiencies or areas where extra support may be required.  It is also important to assess the data and produce summary reports which can be presented to management.  You will find these data points useful as you begin to analyze for evidence of the benefits of telework such as increased productivity, better morale, decreased turnover, etc…

Evaluations should be designed to gain and share perspectives on how the telework program has served both the employee and the employer.

Here are some positive findings from corporate telework initiatives:

  • AT&T reported it saved more than $100 million in one year due to telework.
  • Sun Microsystems saves $70 million a year in real estate alone.
  • Best Buy, British Telecom, JD Edwards and American Express show home based employees to be 20-40% more productive than their office counterparts.