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Marketing/PR & Program Awareness

Marketing/PR and Program Awareness:

When rolling out a telework program even in small pilot phases, it is important to communicate what is happening across the entire organization. Showcase the hard work that went into developing your program while positively reinforcing and educating your staff of the many benefits of telework. We also recommend that this be an ongoing initiative, not only at the time of roll out but as a continuous strategy to communicate, educate and highlight successes along the way. Here are top 3 reasons we encourage Marketing/PR announcements.

  1. People like to be kept informed, by announcing what is happening and why, this will minimize feelings of exclusion and lessen the need for employees to talk amongst themselves to figure out why their co-workers are not at work.
  2. By announcing the details of the program and sharing of success stories, this will encourage other departments to get involved and may even sway the mindset of managers formally against telework once they see it is working.
  3. Companies that partake in telework initiatives are viewed as forward-thinking, environmentally conscious, tech savvy, places to work. Marketing/PR announcements will help aid in attracting new talent, will help keep existing talent loyal and is excellent recognition for the company’s environmental stewardship in the community.