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Enrollment Process & Tools

Enrollment process and tools – 

Outside of the pilot group in which the participants are usually hand selected, the enrollment process for the telework program should be accessible to all employees.  Once the program’s parameters have been established and eligibility requirements for participants have been determined, a company needs to build a simple to use tool that automates the telework application and approval process. Most have a web-based form that incorporates data about the employee (ie: employee #, job title, hours, home address etc), a self-assessment questionnaire, a copy of the telework policy or agreement, and feasibility information about the program/space/equipment requirements and employee’s capability to work successfully at home.

The tool should be designed to notify a manager and HR that they have an employee or employees that are requesting to participate in the telework program based on their time in service, location, job description, performance or other factors which may influence the decision. Once the manager approves a particular employee, that employee should be automatically notified. If they are eligible, their registration form would be forwarded to the telework director for final approval.

Things to consider for enrollment evaluation:

  • Proposed date to begin and Effective date
  • Teleworker options:
      • Regular Teleworker = An employee who teleworks on a regularly scheduled day each week.
      • Occasional Teleworker = An employee approved for telework without regularly scheduled teleworking days.
      • Status = Active (employee will have teleworking days to report).
      • Telework Day(s) = For Regular Teleworker, scheduled day(s) that the employee normally teleworks during the month, e.g., every Tuesday.
  • Hours per Day
  • Home Office space, connectivity capabilities, equipment, supplies
  • Expenses and reimbursement policy
  • Current Commute Option: SOV (Single Occupancy Vehicle), bus, train, car pool, other
  • Type Vehicle
  • Trip Mileage: Number of miles One Way to work.
  • Trip Time: Time in decimal hours to travel to work.
  • Dependent Care Situation