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Employer Considerations – Remote Worker

The office is evolving.  Work today is being done in new ways and in new places. No longer is the corporate facility the only place where successful, thriving companies are getting things done.  In fact, many of them have found and embraced this office evolution and have deposited their results squarely on the bottom line.  Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about telework. You may strongly believe that sending people home or to “hotelling” locations to do work normally performed in the office may be the right thing to save money, create a better work-life balance or help reduce your corporate carbon footprint. These are all valid reasons. But is your company ready for telework? Here are some things to consider before you begin the process:

  • How much does your core business model revolve around internal collaboration or face-to-face interactions with customers, vendors, and visitors?
  • Does your company have the ability continue to function during inclement weather, declared emergencies or natural disasters?
  • Does your state have legislation or a statute for implementing telework options or a traffic reduction plan?
  • Can your corporate culture support and foster alternative off-site work arrangements?
  • Will management support the development of an external workforce?
  • Are a number of company jobs technology- based or computer driven?
  • Do you have the proper IT resources to devise and support a remote working program?
  • Can your HR group develop the policies, processes and procedures necessary to sustain the unique aspects teleworking?
  • Is broadband technology available to all employee residential locations?
  • Are you losing the competitive edge in attracting and recruiting new employees?
  • Are current employees seemingly unhappy, unproductive and unlikely to stay?
  • Are commuting times and distances as well as increasing traffic and pollution of concern to your company?

The way in which you are able to respond to these questions will help you more adequately determine if telework is right for your business.

On the upside, studies have shown that there are enormous positives for the thoughtful implementation of a structured telework program. Consider this. Telework will:

  • Dramatically reduce real estate costs and usage are while optimizing facilities and furnishings
  • Increase employee productivity by up to 40%
  • Improve talent attraction as well as increase the geographic diversification of the talent pool
  • Noticeably  reduce turnover and absenteeism rates
  • Improve access to employment  for disabled people, retired persons and single parents
  • Allow implementation  a business continuity plan
  • Further your corporate image and environmental consciousness

Read more about the financial benefits of Telework from Logicalis in this white paper “Telework – the Windfall Hidden in Plain Sight” Telework-Feature-Oct2013