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Community Considerations

We all know the importance of protecting our environment and being “Green” in today’s world of strained energy resources, CO2 pollutants, global warming and highway congestion.  What many don’t know, is that aside from the day to day efforts of recycling, turning the lights off when not in use, water preservation, carpooling, etc… the not so obvious but hugely impactful activity of telework can significantly reduce greenhouse gases, energy consumption and promote a happier, healthier and safer community.

Here is some food for thought courtesy of the Telework Research Network
Workshifting Benefits: The Bottom Line

At the national level, half-time telecommuting could:

  • Save $23 billion a year in imported oil
  • Cut Persian Gulf imports by 37%
  • Reduce greenhouse gases by the equivalent of taking almost 10 million cars off the road
  • Achieve 27% of the nation’s 2020 goal for GHG reduction from light cars and trucks;
  • Prevent over 95,000 traffic injuries and deaths
  • Save over $11 billion in accident costs
  • Lower highway maintenance costs almost $2 billion a year

Pretty impressive projections but it takes a whole lot of acceptance and participation in order to attain these incredible benefits.  And just think, these assumptions are based on half time telecommuting, imagine what a full on national movement for telework could do!

The significance of telework and the need for increased activity is being recognized and supported at National and State levels.  As per the telework enhancement act passed into law last February,  all government agencies are required to 1) establish a policy under which eligible agency employees may be authorized to telework; (2) determine employee eligibility to participate in telework; and (3) notify all employees of their eligibility to telework.  Here is a link to the official summary

There are also numerous incentives being offered through state and local municipalities- check out our legislation page for Statues related to Telework and see if you’re state is an active proponent.

It’s tough to argue against telework when it comes to the environmental impacts but truth be told, telework isn’t for everyone; there is a lot to consider and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.  For those that fit the requirements and whose organizations can properly support the arrangement, telework is a big step towards a cleaner, greener and safer community.

As Kermit the frog once said “It ain’t easy being green” If he knew about Telework, he might just reconsider.